Actress – influencer

I am lucky enough to live off what I love, and not everyone can do that, so I try to enjoy it !”

Salomé, you are a sparkly and fun young lady. When did you get the idea to put on a performance and share your funny stories?
The idea came to me in late 2013. In the fall, actually. The Vine Application had just come out right before the summer and I had spent my entire holidays laughing at the Americans’ videos, I thought they were so funny, I loved the concept. Around October, when all my friends went back to class and I didn’t, I got bored and suffered from insomnia because of my holidays’ jet lag… So, I started making small videos in my room to entertain myself. I would send them to my best friend and we would have a good laugh! Then I posted them on my Instagram, where I had no more than 500 followers… My friends were my audience. They liked it, and it went from there…

There are not that many female comedians. What do men say about your work?
Indeed, there are way more men than women in this sector. I think it is because we, girls, are taught to mind our image rather than have rants and make jokes. Girls must behave. That’s how it is. Addressing taboo subjects in public without complex, fool around is unimaginable for some of us! It’s more “acceptable” coming from a man. Yet everyone likes to laugh and everyone likes funny people. I don’t think boys find it odd that a girl makes them laugh. Quite the opposite! Men represent 40% of my audience, almost half. I have met many men who liked my videos and told me they recognized themselves in them. I often get messages like “It’s nice to see a girl who doesn’t care about looking like a fool and who’s capable of self-mockery…” We can make men laugh too!

You have been in short films, TV shows, plays… How do you feel about acting?
It just makes me happy. When I’m playing on stage in the theatre or in front of the camera, I feel like I belong there. I am lucky enough to live off what I love, and not everyone can do that, so I try to enjoy it! I enjoy every moment and every opportunity. Even if it takes work, even though there are bad sides as well as good ones, it’s still easier when you do what you love! And I get to work with passionate people, which is beautiful to see. My acting teacher, for example, Juliette Moltes: I love her! She is a passionate woman and one of my best encounters since I started. Every new project teaches me new things and makes me grow. It is sort of like travelling. I still have so much to learn. Every part is different, you need to get out of your comfort zone, discover other things, and sometimes discover yourself. It is as if my life were a game. That’s exactly it: I’m playing a game!

TV shows, short films, singing, ads, videos… you are 21 and you already have a lot of experience. What do you expect from 2018?
I have lived many things in a short amount of time. Everything did kind of happened non-stop and since I am curious, I sort of did everything. But I also learned to know myself since 2014 and I put the brakes on my life to try and clean it up. 2016/17 was very difficult for me. I am just coming out of a dark period. I had a breakdown because of a medication I was on, and I stood in the middle of the fog for over a year. I was not sure about anything anymore, I knew something was wrong… I almost quit everything. But even though it slowed me down for a bit, I think I did good. Today I feel much better! I know where I’m going and however I don’t know exactly how I’m going, I know I’ll get there. So for 2018, I intend to trust my instincts and work twenty times harder, because I have been letting go… Creating my own opportunities, if nothing comes up. But I have faith, positive incites positive. I’m all better now, more focus and positive than ever.

Your followers are discovering a new you. Sports and healthy food seem to have become your best allies. What do think of that new motto: “Salomé, a healthy mind in a healthy body”?
I love it! Because my mind really is more rested and healthy today. That is why it is the right time to work on my body as well. After all, they are my work instruments. I am an actress, so I need to take care of it. And they are connected, too. When you feel good in your body, you usually feel even better in your mind! Eating healthy and exercising is good for morale.