Nadeen Mateky

Artiste capillaire et maquilleuse La congolaise Nadeen Mateky sublime les femmes grâce à ses mains de fées. Sa passion n’a cessé de vivre depuis son plus jeune âge et elle la tient de sa grand-mère, qui lui a enseigné l’art de la coiffure. Elle réalise de véritables structures capillaires : couronnes aériennes, colliers de cheveux, […]


With the holidays just around the corner, diamonds are very trendy. But it can be difficult for buyers as well as sellers to appreciate the quality of a diamond. In addition, they must consider the existence of treatments and imitations.

Be A Queen

Powerful women are often sources for inspiration, that is why I wish to dedicate this article to three great African queens ;  fascinating in their sense of mystique and seduction. I chose to analyze their legendary beauty, well-being rituals and beauty secrets…

C.J Walker

A rough start   Sarah Breedlove was born in 1867in Delta, a Madison parish village. Her parents were former slaves and she is the first child born after the emancipation. After losing her parents, she moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi with her older sister. At the age of fourteen, she married a worker called Moses McWilliams […]

White hair don’t care

Grey is the new blond   If white hair give men a certain charm, they are still not positively perceived for women. We make women believe that they don’t have the right to age. Novelist, journalist and columnist Sophie Fontal talks in her book “Une Apparition” (Robert LAffont, August 2017) about the social pressure that […]

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