Grey is the new blond


If white hair give men a certain charm, they are still not positively perceived for women. We make women believe that they don’t have the right to age. Novelist, journalist and columnist Sophie Fontal talks in her book “Une Apparition” (Robert LAffont, August 2017) about the social pressure that forces women to die their hair, and I could not agree more.

Society depreciates old age and it’s time to do something about it. Free yourself from this dictatorship of youth! Why do you care what other people think? You know you can’t please everyone anyway, you must please yourself first. White, salt & pepper, grey, natural color hair is in. Make up with greying. Take care of your hair and make it a strength.

There is no age for white hair, and they are very trendy! Here are a few examples of famous women who embrace their hair and/or play with the trend by extrapolating the color. There are naturally whitened hair like Meryl Streep’s, or silver hair like Cara Delavigne’s, Winnie Harlow’s and Kim Kardashian’s. In both cases, your hairdresser session will not be enough to maintain your color. You need to find a home hair routine to get your crystal grey color. Illuminating Shampoo Silver Pearl by Balmain Haute Couture, Bleu Malva/Mauve Bleu by Aveda conditioners and the fabulous Shooshing Crème cream by White Hot.
These little miracles will illuminate and reveal the spark of your blond grey or silver hair and neutralize the undesirable yellow/copper shades while deeply nourishing them.

I personnally love big hair changes, as you can see it on my Instagram. Time goes by, but they are changing. And that is good, otherwise we would be so bored! So no regrets, dear divas, only memories…

Live! Play! Be Grey!