Makeup-artist – Youtuber

Whatever happens, keep smiling. When we are in this dynamic, the positive always overcomes.”

You have been interested in makeup and especially in special effects since you were 10. How did you develop that interest as a child?
When I was younger, I was a big horror movies fan. I was afraid to watch some scenes. As I hate being afraid, I got interested in make-up and special effects to try and tame my fears and understand this backdrop better.

Then you studied, your high school diploma, and your HND in nutrition, and your training to become a makeup artist. Why did you change decide to change your career?
After my first year of HND in nutrition, I realized I should have studied makeup. So, I decided to start over everything by getting an NVQ in cosmetics. This diploma was to allow me to create my make-up school of or to open my salon. Thanks to what I had been saving since the age of 16, I was able one day to cofinance my make-up school with 6,000 €. It was not easy; I had to move heaven and earth to make this vocation come true with the financial support of my parents and a grant from the State. It is by asking advice to one of my trainers that I found out about makeup videos on the internet. At the time, this concept only existed in the United States; I wanted this to be done in France too. My first video was launched in this context.

Your parents must be quite surprised by your professional reorientation, going from dietetics to makeup. How did they react?
I did not want just any career. I had to follow my desire. As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to be make-up artist, as a child I was passionate about figure skating, makeover TV shows such as “Miss Swan”, or “C’est mon Choix” with its mirror sequence, all these tv shows in relation to makeup and physical transformation. Then came the idea of accompanying people. Helping them feel beautiful and better about themselves. The dietetics sector then, appeared to me as the most appropriate project for my professional goal. Then, in time, I realized how difficult it would be because there are only two clinics in France helping people deal with bulimia and anorexia. My artistic desire resurfaced and my parents finally decided to let me go my way saying that if it did not work, at least I had my high school diploma and my NVQ. I could work.

Today, you share your passion online. You are a YouTuber and blogger, very popular on the social networks. How do you explain this success?
Sharing, giving tips and some comfort to my little warriors is such an inspiration for me. I like to exchange with them. Knowing that many people are suffering, going through hardships related to health, personal stories, it allows me to keep in mind that life is a gift of every moment. Remaining positive, making people smile and bring joy is without a doubt what binds me to my community. It is an extraordinary op- portunity.Seeing happiness in the eyes of others, bringing hap- piness.

Your activity is very intense on the web; the posts are regular and varied. How do you manage your different interfaces?
I create a close relationship with my followers because of my presence and my rigor. I have established a program that I manage very carefully. You can find me on Facebook and other social networks every Wednesday at 4 pm for the beauty team, on Sunday at 1 pm for the team challenge and on Thursday at 6 pm once a month for the special effects team. I will also try something new with my future video channel that will be dedicated to fitness and pole dancing. Due to personal problems, I have put on 22 lb. Losing weight is a discipline that still suffers from many prejudices, I would like to launch it in September and allow everyone to follow me throughout this new challenge to lose weight.

Your themes are varied, you tackle artistic subjects but also general news. What message are you trying to convey on the web?
Whatever happens, keep smiling. When we are in this dynamic, the positive always overcomes. I invite my warriors to keep smiling because it is the way to be ready for anything to happen.