Tennis woman

I dream of taking France to the Olympics to win.”

Pauline, when did you fall into the magic potion’s cauldron?
I was born on the Reunion Island and I started playing tennis at the age of 8. I started with ballet and then swimming lessons, but after two eardrum surgeries, I had to stop swimming and putting my head under water. My swimming pool was part of a tennis club and I wanted to do something else, so I tried hitting the little yellow ball and fell in love with this sport.

What does it represent to you?
Just like my island, it’s a passion fruit. That’s all. I enjoy playing so much, and winning even more. Plus, it’s a sport where fair-play is always present, even though I hate losing.
Tennis is a great learning experience for life. It brings us values, discipline and rigor. Not to mention the pleasure to play and to share a victory.

Do you have a secret to win?
Can you keep a secret? Well, so can I!
All I can tell you is that I have a strong spirit. Spirit is very important in tennis. I never let go. And I have come to understand that as a professional player, I needed to be surrounded with professional trainers, among other things. From medical care to exercising, nutrition and choosing sponsors. It is all important. Appart City is helping me getting the best housing conditions when I travel. Caps’One helps me perform on the court and PAF ‘The Serious Kitchen” helps me recover. They are all part of my team and my secret.

What is your dream?
I dream of winning a major title one day or a Grand Slam tournament and to play for France. Roland Garros is on my to-do list. I dream of taking France to the Olympics to win. I dream of giving back to those who have given me so much. I dream of seeing pride in my parents’ eyes. I simply dream of being happy and spread happiness around me making tennis my pilgrim’s staff.

What is a typical day in the life of a professional tennis player?
I train 3 to 4 hours on the court and have 2 hours of physical preparation, 6 days a week. My training is not just on the court or in the gym. From morning to bedtime, it is a way of life; with warmups, trainings, recovering, stretching, meditation, sleep, nutrition, medical follow-up. Victories can depend on a small detail. That is why I don’t overlook anything in my preparation.
The healthy diet is one of the keys to success for a sport player. On your Facebook page, you seem to be keen on “eating well”.

What do you eat to be at the top of your game?
I am mindful of nature and my health, so I decided to become a vegan a year and a half ago. Which means I don’t eat any animal product (meat, fish, eggs, dairy). This has been a radical change for me; for my health, my well-being and my capacity to recover. I live life at the fullest!