Fashion stylist

We are a 100% made-in-Paris brand that values French know-how and self-assured femininity”

Who is Marilyn? How was the Marilyn Feltz brand born?
Marilyn is a thirty-year-old new designer from the Paris suburbs who has always loved seeing and interpreting fashion in her own way and mostly who tries to disrupt its codes every day. When she was younger, yearning for discoveries and travels, she moved to Los Angeles where the cinematographic aesthetic and self-assured femininity have strongly marked the basis of her style! Jessica Rabbit-like swaying silhouettes, Anna Nicole Smith-like extreme sex-appeal, and Marilyn Monroe-like naïve smiles: here are the ingredients that Hollywood has marked Marilyn Feltz’s skin with forever. Later on, during a crazy dance floor weekend in Berlin, Marilyn met the man who will changer her life forever: Alexis is an artist and musician from the north of France. Together for two years in the German capital, they turned this grizzled city into a temple of romance and nostalgia where ghosts come to whisper the memories of passed beauties… Back in Paris, and now inseparable, Alexis and Marilyn decide to create the brand of their dreams, one that looks exactly like them and which they would have loved to find around a corner but never did! Marilyn Feltz is now two years old and proud to be a 100% Parisian brand with Hollywood and Berlin influences, with classical and playful accents, which hires weavers, embroiderers, knitters in 100% made-in-France workshops and can still maintain retail prices!

Who is the Marilyn Feltz brand target?
Since we created the brand, we have been surprised every day to see how our authentic approach speaks to a wide range of very various women! I think that a good number of our clients is very sensitive to the quality of our fabrics and nishes. They like to think that they are buying a piece which has required the attention of someone in a system where we are ooded with impersonal and assembly line “products”. That is why we have a lot of clients who come from the fashion and couture industry coming to our store! We also have many clients abroad, where the image of Paris and made-in-France remains a synonym for elegance and quality! In addition, we have women looking for an exceptional piece for an event such as a wedding, a professional dinner, a date… We have many artists too who come to us for their shows. Younger and more “trendy” women are coming to find dazzling outfits or wax outfits, for example, as well as women looking for a “retro” look! They are all different and we love it! Their common feature is their taste for glamor!

What is the identity of the brand?
We are a 100% made-in-Paris brand that values French know- how and self-assured femininity while still affordable. That is why we only sell from our Paris store (17, passage Bourg l’Abbé, Etienne-Marcel metro station) or on line ( We also organize pop-up stores throughout France and the world. All our news and the pictures of our collections are updated daily on our Instagram (marilynfeltz)

If you were a piece of your collection what would you be? Why ?
It is very difficult for me to only choose one piece, because each piece I draw represent an outfit I want to wear! Right now, I am obsessed with our “Diva” négligé. The fabric has a silken weave, golden and silver threads that make Art-Deco-like scales… It is weaved in Lyon by a family who has been doing this for three generations and who uses very old weaving machines. I also love our “Marlène” piece, which is one of our first dresses! I was thinking of Marlene Dietrich in a Berlin jazz club in the late 1920s when I draw this piece. It is very long, made of silk, with a dizzying neckline and subtle crystals on the wrists. We made it in several colors, including a white pearl models that young brides love!

By Sabrina FOUINAT