Larry and Laurent Bourgeois have been travelling the world, teaching their unique choreography in as many country as the United States, France, Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Kirghizstan, gathering over 5000 participants in their various worshops.

 The twins stand out because of a unique style when they dance. They have their own steps. Larry is the “stylish” one and Laurent the “graceful” one. Many of their dances were inspired from manga (Naruto), women, and cartoons.

Now they are also models and musicians because yes, they are good at those too and their fans will soon be able to enjoy their talent in a brand new area where they had already set half a foot : the cinema!

They are actors in a show written by direction Sabri Saoudi, called Free Electron, where they play the main characters. And the Americans did not take long to present them with long-features, including one in particular that really meant the world to our Guadeloupian twins. Find out more about this new adventure that will surely make you happy in theatres and in the next edition of FDFMAG.