Appreciated by all the biggest stars, this streetwear French brand arouses fascination and enthusiasm in the fashion industry let’s look back at the journey of this talented and bold designer called Mister Soul.

 As an African child, the artist grew up in Ivory Coast, Guinea and Niger. From a very early age, he starts using his strong creativity to customize his clothes and make them trendier. In his genius hands, fabrics change and find another life that would be the envy of the most stylish couture houses. His talent will keep on growing…
Then in 2007, his project comes true with the birth of a concept : Black Boy Place. He likes to convey positive and true messages to the world. Life, art, music and cultural differences become the essence and soul of Mister Soul’s world.
His position and aesthetics are highly appreciated by the public. In France, New York, with Queen B, Jay-Z or the Twins… everybody loves his brand. A success story in the making. Discover Black Boy Place’s collections on www.blackboyplace. com