Singer – songwriter

My music is an initiation to live your dreams”

You started working in music very early. Did you have a calling?
I started making a living of music very late, around 29. Before that I was a kid, I was fascinated with music, I sang all the time, I liked trying to get people’s attention that way… I needed everyone to applause, it was vital. I grew up in an environment that did not really considered music as a livelihood, so I could not really see a future there. I always thought it would only be a hobby, nothing more, until the day everything changed. After nishing school, I wanted to give myself one year to try and make this project come true. It was reasonable enough to think that if it didn’t work, I would have not lost that much time.

You are always so smiley. You look like you want to live life at the fullest, no matter what. What helps you stay so optimistic?
I think this is mainly coming from my education. My parents, my family, they have this natural optimism and they are always in a good mood. We have always been the kind of people to take life as it comes, with its happy moments and its tough times. Looking at the bright side of each experience allows you to overcome every hardship and learn from it. That is the state of mind that keeps me smiling all the time. I am happy to make music and I feel lucky to be able to live of my passion.

Have you ever thought of trying other styles of music? Other than pop music?
I don’t really see myself making anything else than pop music because I grew up with pop music and I think it offers such a wide and various range of styles that you can consider all possibilities with it. My personal goal is to remain a popular artist, close to the public with unifying music. Making people dance and bringing them together are my leitmotivs.

You went from being unknown to becoming a public figure. How are you handling this success with your friends, your family?
Everything changed, it did. I am lucky because I can go back to being anonymous within a few hours whenever I want to. I think this is a huge privilege. I am one ight away from going back to where I was always unknown. Most celebrities have to go away from home to get back to a life without glitz and glamour. I can be Mr Nobody again within a few hours and get back to the life I left when I got famous and walk the streets where I grew up, with my friends and my family. And that is exceptional.

What can we wish you, artistically speaking?
My dream is to fulfill my challenge, getting enough ideas and creativity to always offer new things to the public and surprise them. I also wish to make various creative projects come true that will be in line with my values… It is like a relationship : if you don’t want the routine to settle, you must surprise the other one. So I wish I can follow my dreams and remain an interes- ting artist as long as possible.